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Ragdale Hall Thermal Spa

…And Relax!

One of the highlights of my year has got to be our annual trip to Ragdale Hall.

Ragdale Hall

(Awful quality photo – but everyone loves a selfie, right?)

2015 was a crazy busy year for business, it was so good to get away for a few days to relax.  Ragdale Hall has a strict ‘no phone’ policy which is torture – but also kind of a God send if you’re like me and glued to your phone 24/7.  You’ve gotta have your ‘you’ time!

I drove us girls there, passed over the car keys to our friendly concierge, and slipped straight into relaxation mode.  Bliss.

Ragdale Hall

There was a form in our room to select what we wanted for breakfast the next day – if you’re going, be warned! There are so many yummy options – it’s hard not to just pick everything!

You can either have breakfast in your room (if you’re a late riser like me, this is perfect), or you can have it downstairs in the Garden Room.

Ragdale Hall

We headed downstairs for our treatments.  I should mention, EVERYONE stays in their robes and slippers throughout their stay – so no need to pack too many outfits.

We were all separated, and taken into our different treatment rooms.  I went for a full body massage and coconut scalp massage.

Oh.  My.  God.

I’d died and gone to holistic heaven.

Everything about my treatment was perfect.  The smell of essential oils in the room, the soft relaxing music, the perfect pressure of the massage, it’s probably the only time I can truly switch off, and wind down.

After the treatment, the therapist gave me an iced water which was so refreshing and woke me up perfectly.  She left me for a minute to come back down to earth, then I wondered off to meet the rest of the girls in a super relaxed daze.

Ragdale Hall

I spent the rest of the day doing lengths of the olympic sized swimming pool, reading my book and dozing in and out of sleep.

I did’t move from that spot – unless it was to tuck into the super healthy buffet they put on for lunch.  Stuffed vine leaves, lemon and lime infused water, and more super food salad than you can shake a stick at.

We decided to all meet in the Garden Room the next day for breakfast, and then spent most of the afternoon outside catching some mild September sun.

Ragdale Hall

Lunch was a toss up between the delicious buffet again, or a more naughty treat of afternoon tea…

Lucky for us the weather was still nice enough for us to enjoy our cheeky afternoon tea outside!

Ragdale Hall

The Thermal Spa – Ragdale Hall

One of the best things about the Spa is their new Thermal Treatment rooms. No need to pre book, these rooms are perfect to enjoy at your own leisure.

Let me tell you about them!

The Thought Zone:

Guests must be completely silent.  Carefully chosen imagery and colours are projected onto the ceiling – a perfect place to encourage calmness and positive thoughts.  When was the last time you sat down and genuinely had time to think to yourself?!

Colour Flow Cave:

Temp 40 – 45c, Humidity 70 – 100%

Filled with a humid & heady mix of Jasmine, Sage and Camomile.  A river of colour flows via a wall of water to provide a perfect detox.  Releases muscle tension and toxins.  Deep cleansing and improves circulation.  Lushhhhhh.

Rose Sauna:

Temp 80 – 100c, Humidity 3 – 5%

You’re surrounded by blush coloured English roses.  Additional lighting in the room adds shades of red, rose, lavender, peach, and the essence of rose is spritzed through the warmth.  Relaxes muscles and detoxifies skin (and smells unbelievable!).

There are several other rooms, but I really don’t want to ruin the surprise if you are planning a visit to Ragdale Hall!  Besides, writing about each one in this detail is giving me serious spa blues.

So here’s a teaser instead…

There’s the Candle Room, a Volcanic Salt Bath, the Scented Room, as well as the outdoor heated swimming pool and two huge spa showers.

Ragdale Hall

On our final day we decide to indulge one final time.  I went for another full body massage (it really was that good) and a Decleor facial, which was bliss and smelt gorgeous.

My skin was literally glowing by the time the therapist finished.  I asked her to write down all the products she’d used on me, and went straight to the Spa Shop to buy them all!

Ragdale Hall

Finally it was time to head home with the girls, feeling relaxed, revived and ready to take on the world!