April 2, 2016 2 Comments Food

No Guilt, Easy Chocolate Ice Cream!

Are you ready for an easy chocolate ice cream, that you (and the kids!) can completely over indulge on?

Sugar rush? No such thing. This is a healthy, 100% natural recipe.  Hoorah!

Easy Chocolate Ice Cream

No Guilt, Easy Chocolate Ice Cream! – How To

For this recipe you’ll need:

3 or 4 chopped bananas

1 tsp cacao powder (a little expensive, but lasts forever)

Fruit to taste



Freeze your chopped bananas in a sandwich bag overnight (make sure they are chopped, otherwise they won’t blend)

The next day, blitz the banana in your blender with the cacao

When smoothly blended together, scoop out and dish up!

Decorate with fruit of your choice.

Easy Chocolate Ice Cream


If you can stop yourself from eating it all in one go, it can be put back into the freezer to enjoy another time.

Change the flavour of the ice cream by replacing the cacao with strawberry’s, or vanilla pods.

Easy Chocolate Ice Cream

… and there you go – No Guilt Easy Chocolate Ice Cream.

Thank me later.